Steel pier: Thanks Jeff!

A while ago, I wrote about building the steel pier for my model of the deck girder bridge in the Lynn Valley.

The steel pier for the Lynn Valley deck girder bridge.

At the time, I wrote:

I don’t know if this pier – a collection of structural steel shapes – is original to the railroad or whether it was built when the line was converted to a rail trail. But it’s too interesting to ignore, so I’m going to model it as it is today.

Today, I was very pleased to learn from reader Jeffrey Smith that this interesting pier is correct for the era I’m modelling. He wrote to tell me that the CNR used this structural steel pier design in its Central Region to replace aging masonry piers. Jeff included a link to an article from 1940 that’s posted on his website, CNR In Ontario*, that describes their use. Here’s the article, which notes the railway’s use of structural steel piers dates back to the late 1930s.

Thanks so much, Jeff – and thanks for calling attention to your web site. I encourage everyone to give it a visit. I just did and found this interesting capsule history of the line that I’m modelling.

(As an aside, I’m really enjoying writing this blog because of the many helpful people who have commented on my postings. I’m learning things that will help me do a better job on my layout – and making new friends along the way!)

(*Check the “Links” section on this blog’s home page for the most up-to-date links)

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