The Pindal Electric Tram

I’d heard about the Pindal Electric Tram for many years, and even seen a few videos. But nothing quite prepared me for the experience…

Earlier this month, some friends and I visited Kaj and Annie Pindal to spend a few hours in the afternoon riding the delightful 15-inch gauge, ride-in electric trolley line that runs in their back yard in Oakville, Ontario.

While I could go on at length about how Kaj built his own equipment, powered mainly by motors liberated from electric lawn mowers, made his track from fence rails, switched from trolley poles to bow-collectors which he fabricated himself, and can use the railway to take the household garbage and recycling to the curb… I think a video is the best way to express the magic that is the Pindal Electric Tram.

So here it is: enjoy if you watch…

(You may also watch this directly on YouTube, where you may be able to enjoy it in larger formats)

Thanks, Kaj & Annie: What a wonderful day out!

(I’ve posted this to my “Adventures in Live Steam” blog, because while it isn’t live steam, it is a garden railway so that’s the most appropriate place to publish it. But since that blog receives very little traffic I thought I’d also put it here. Really, this defies categorization.)

12 thoughts on “The Pindal Electric Tram

  1. Trevor,
    That is really cool. While I’ve riden a few 7.5″ gauge railroads, I’ve never seen a 15″ Feldbahn railway! I always thought these where really cool industrial, field railways that large estates used to have for hauling supplies and material around the estate. Super neat tram, I got one would like some more “juicy” details.

  2. This is fantastic and I would love to build something like this. Being a natural spoil sport and pessimist, however, I wondered if you’d need some sort of permit or liability insurance. Then again, if it’s just lawn mower engines and it’s on your own property and you’re not charging anyone to ride…

  3. Hi everyone:
    Yes, it is fantastic. Rather than try to explain the Pindal Electric Tram, I’ll refer you to this YouTube video by Ken Roach, shot at the P.E.T. in 2010. It includes plenty of background information about the tram, plus lots of footage of other equipment that Kaj has built for it.
    Enjoy if you watch!

  4. And…

    … some older home movies of the P.E.T.
    I believe the video includes scenes from Kaj’s trolley line in Montreal. You’ll also see vintage footage of Ward Kimball from Disney!

  5. Thanks Trevor. It’s a well done video (nice music too), and one of the reasons I like your blog so much. Always interesting.
    Cheers, Gord

  6. I shared with my buddy Mick.
    Mick’s response…”If the overhead power will keep deers away [from the garden], I’m in !”

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