The shape of things to come

First railfan photo: the steel bridge over the Lynn River.

I’ve started to work on scenery!

Yes, I know – I’ve barely started on track. So what gives?

I decided that doing the scenery under and around the bridges would be easier without the bridges in the way – safer for the bridges, too. So I’ve started adding land forms around the abutments of the twin-span steel girder bridge over the Lynn River:

Lynn Valley steel bridge - terrain.

I’ve added a plywood base for the river, and defined its edges with some leftover cork roadbed. I’ve also added some 1″x2″ on risers, just under the roadbed, to support expanses of blue foam board – there’s a support at the left of the scene:

Lynn Valley steel bridge - terrain overview.

Between the support and the riverbed, I’m installing slices of blue foam board, vertically. I’ve done four to each side of the abutments, and filled in the space under the bridge with more foam board. This foam has been roughly shaped – I’ll do final shaping when the rest of it is in, then start adding plaster, paint, grass, rocks, sandbanks, etc.

I need to decide how much of this scenery work to do before I install the bridge. Obviously, I can’t run trains through here until the bridge is in place and the rails are spiked to the abutments (although I can mock up the scene to see what it will look like). But the more I do before I install the bridge, the easier it will be.

My thoughts are to work on the scenery in the corner of this area, out towards the track, then lay the track, then continue the scenery out to the fascia.

I’m a long way from running trains, but it’s great to get this taste of the shape of things to come.

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