More Terra Foama

Lynn Valley steel bridge - terrain overview.

That’s what I call foam board terrain – and I’ve been installing quite a bit of it around the steel girder bridge over the Lynn River.

As previously noted, I’ve decided I need to get some scenery work done around the bridges on my layout before I permanently install them.

I’ve now installed foam board along both banks of the river, and have started to shape it into basic terrain. I’ll fill in gaps with plaster or spackle and then paint it, but will need to get the mounts for my backdrop in place before I do any further scenery work:

Lynn Valley steel bridge - terrain overview.

I’m using No More Nails Ultra, available in caulking tubes, to glue my foam board to wood supports and to other bits of foam board. It’s safe for foam, fairly mess-free, and sets relatively quickly. I can stack foam to build rough shapes, leave it overnight, and shape it the next day.

I’ve been working for a bit each day over the Christmas holidays and am very pleased with my progress.

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