Road crew

Stone Church Road bridge.

I’m making good progress on the twin-span deck girder bridge over the Lynn River, so today I decided to do some landform work around the Stone Church Road overpass.

This is located just west of St. Williams on the layout. It is inspired by a bridge further up the line in Rymal, Ontario. I’ve always liked the photos from the prototype location, which show a small bridge that’s dominated by its abutments, and by any train that happens to be crossing it.

The bridge is an HO scale model from Micro-Engineering – part 75-502. It’s 30 feet long in HO, which works out to just 22 feet in S (30 divided by 87, times 64).

Stone Church Road bridge.

I’ve added wooden S scale ties to the bridge and spiked Code 70 Rail to each tie, with Code 55 guard rails spiked every fourth tie or so. I still need to finish the deck with bolt heads to represent the fasteners joining the ties to the steel girders, plus guard timbers bolted to the tops of the ties.

I’m pleased with how this scene is coming together.

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