Six years of blogging

On this day in 2011, I started writing about Port Rowan in 1:64, with a post called “Breaking Marley’s Chains”. You can find that post – and other early ones that outline the thinking that evolved into this layout – on the “First Time Here?” page.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how the layout has taken shape while remaining true to the ideas I set out in those early posts.

Coincidentally, I spoke last night at a local social club for railway modelling enthusiasts and railfans, and one of the subjects I touched upon was the power of coupling a blog to a layout project. I think this blog remains my most important tool for modelling Port Rowan in S scale.

That’s due, by the way, to all of you who read and comment on my posts – offering insight and information. Thanks for that. This blog has generated more than 670,000 page views and 6,700 comments – and my knowledge of Port Rowan, S scale, and modelling has benefitted tremendously from this exchange of ideas.

Just over a year ago, I wrote a post about the power of blogs as a modelling tool, called “Tips for blogging about our hobby”. If you missed it, click on the dogs, below…


7 thoughts on “Six years of blogging

  1. Thanks so much for your excellent blog. I know myself and others really appreciate all the hard work and great modeling.
    Cheers, Gord

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary and also the work it represents.

    Just curious: do you find you go back to re-read previous posts to compare thoughts then to now? Blogging tends to be set in the present tense, which of course becomes history the moment the post is published.

    Thanks again


    • Good question, Chris.
      I do find that I re-read my previous posts – primarily to remember what I did on a specific project. That’s one of the most valuable uses for the blog, for me.
      As for comparing the thoughts, I haven’t read through the posts with that in mind. But everyone’s recent troubles with Photobucket and the need to edit the posts to point to a different server for photos means I am re-reading my early posts. I’ve started at the beginning (August, 2011) and so far, I’ve worked my way to March, 2012.
      It’s interesting to see how much of my initial plan has remained intact – to bastardize a famous quote, “No plan survives contact with the layout room”.
      It’s also interesting to reflect on how my journey in S scale has evolved over the past six years.
      Sometimes, it’s because new technologies have arrived – I’m now on my third brand of DCC+Sound decoders, for example. Other times, it’s because what I want out of the hobby has changed – so I’m now learning to brass-bash, which I don’t really need to do to build this layout.
      I’m sure I’ll discover many other changes as I work through the photo migration.

  3. You have even helped me as I continue to move forward with construction of my large N scale model railroad out here on the left coast of the US. I enjoy each and every one of your posts. Thank you for leading the way.

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