New resin news | NSC-built “AAR 1937” CNR boxcars

There’s more good news for S scale enthusiasts, in the form of forthcoming resin kits for the “1937 AAR” boxcars built for the Canadian National Railways by National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario. And there’s even better news:

These kits come from a well-known manufacturer of high-quality HO scale resin freight car kits that is dipping its toe into the S scale waters for the first time.

Yarmouth Model Works* will actually offer two versions of this 40-foot, 10’0″ inside height all-steel car – featuring different roof styles and brake configurations.

The first version covers two series totalling more than 1,300 cars. These featured flat panel roofs and the brake system’s reservoir mounted perpendicular to the frame:

NSC - early series with flat panel roof

NSC - early series - underframe

The second version covers four series totalling more than 4,400 cars. These featured a Murphy raised panel roof and the brake system’s reservoir mounted parallel to the frame:

NSC - later series with raised panel roof

NSC - later series - underframe

The prototype cars feature the distinctive “NSC-2″ end. National Steel Car used this proprietary end on the 10’0″ and 10’6” inside height boxcars built between 1939 and 1950. The patterns for casting these models incorporated a 3D printed master for this unique end:

NSC-2 end - early series car

The prototype for these models could be found across North America and the Canadian Rail Car Pictorial – Volume 2 shows them running in revenue service into the 1980s.

Pierre Oliver of Yarmouth Model Works visited this week and let me photograph the in-progress models he is building to write the instructions and use as samples. They’re beautifully done, with crisp casting and fine detail, including many photo-etched parts.

As I mentioned off the top, this will be the first foray into S scale for Yarmouth Model Works. A successful sales run of these kits will definitely encourage Pierre and his colleagues to bring more top-quality resin kits to market – and he and I have already discussed possibilities.

Meantime, I know I’ll be adding several examples of both versions of these NSC steel boxcars to my layout when they’re released. The release date has not yet been announced but it’s highly likely to be before the end of the year.

NSC car - early version

NSC car - later version

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8 thoughts on “New resin news | NSC-built “AAR 1937” CNR boxcars

  1. As I said before….awesome, Pierre! I’m definitely in the market for quite a few of these. Will the detail parts be offered separately? I hope so as there is many uses to be found for them in S.

  2. Hi Trevor,

    I’ve enjoyed following your work for some time, though I think this is my first time posting directly on the blog. Both the achievable layout philosophy and the idea of S being the perfect scale have been very influential on me, so much so that I’ve just recently decided to break some chains of my own and move up to “Sn3 with a little S” from “HOn3 with a moderate amount of HO.” I’m going to focus down on a small (i.e., achievable) but hopefully plausible and realistic narrow gauge short line set a little after the turn of the century.

    While there’s a great deal of fantastic material for modeling this era in 3 foot gauge, there seems to be quite a bit less on the standard gauge side, and I really do want to model the connection between my line and the “real world,” in the form of the Rio Grande’s standard gauge mainline through the Utah desert. Perhaps it’s become a bit of a cliche, but I love seeing the contrast between the equipment of the different gauges. In my search for a basis for an early locomotive of the Rio Grande Western, I’ve been wondering if CN engines such as yours may have appropriately sized running gear and perhaps boilers. Would you mind sharing some basic dimensions of them – particularly driver diameter, wheelbase, and a rough idea of the prototype weight? And probably more importantly, is it still possible to get such engines through Simon? Is there a way I can contact him?

    Thanks, both for the inspiration and any information you might be able to provide!


    • Hi Chris:
      Thanks for speaking up – good to hear from you!
      Simon’s CNR engines are built following prototype measurements as much as possible, so here’s the prototype information for CNR 89 – one of the same class.
      Simon builds these in batches. He’s done two or three runs of the mogul, if I recall. I don’t know if he has any plans to do more. But he’s a member of the S Scale SIG, so you can find him on the forum there and ask.
      You may also want to look at the Southern Pacific 2-6-0s produced by River Raisin Models. They may be easier to find and you could always swap out the tender if the SP style isn’t what you’re looking for…

  3. Trevor,

    Thanks so much for the prompt reply! As I hoped, it appears the Moguls are very roughly similar in size to two sets of engines operating on the RGW in my timeframe, so that is promising. Do the Tenwheelers have the same size drivers? They’re H-6-g class engines, right? I’ll see if I can track down some dimensions for the River Raisin Moguls, but the CNR locos look much closer to my eyes. I’ve also just registered for the forum over there so I’ll do a little more research on that side too.

    Thanks again and keep up the phenomenal work!


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