New Resin News | NSC-built “AAR 1937” CNR boxcars – now with lettering

My friend Pierre Oliver shared photos of the finished sample models for a new resin kit coming for S scale enthusiasts. Pierre and his colleagues at Yarmouth Model Works* are making their first foray into 1:64 by offering two versions of their first S scale kit, covering some 5,700 boxcars built for the Canadian National Railways by National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario.

This is the early version of the car, with a flat roof and the brake reservoir located perpendicular to the sills:

CNR - NSC Boxcar - early - lettered

And here is the later version of the car, with raised panel roof and the brake reservoir located parallel to the sills:

CNR - NSC Boxcar - later - lettered

As I have noted in a previous post about these cars, the kits are coming soon – definitely before the end of the year. Ordering information, including pricing, will be posted on the Yarmouth Model Works website when they’re available. I know I’ll be buying a few of each for my layout!

(Note that unless stated, the kits on the Yarmouth Model Works website are in HO scale)

8 thoughts on “New Resin News | NSC-built “AAR 1937” CNR boxcars – now with lettering

  1. These look great and I am sure they would have seen interchange with US railroads so I will need a few also. You mention early and late versions, the roof and air system differences can be seen can you elaborate more information on build dates. The ends are unique, is there a story behind this feature? This would all be interesting information, nothing critical to the build of course. I will watch for the announcement on the Yarmouth website.

    • Hi Ken:
      I detailed a lot of this information in an earlier post. My apologies – I should’ve linked to it. I’ll edit my post to include the link… but here it is:

      More info on these boxcar kits

      These travelled all over North America and were basically active from the late 1930s into the 1980s in revenue service. So yes, you can justify a few of each for your layout.


  2. Thanks for the speedy reply and the link. These will add a unique spotting feature in my rolling stock. I note that Yarmouth offers other great kits, let’s hope a successful run of these has them consider other offerings in S.

    • Hi Ken:
      IF these kits are successful, there WILL be more in 1:64. Pierre’s good that way. I’m sure future kits will include US road names, too. And I know that any new kits will fill holes in the current S scale offerings.
      As for whether they’re successful, that’s up to the S scale community. I have seen the preproduction samples and they’re amazing kits, so if they are not successful we have only ourselves to blame.

  3. Great! WHEN these kits are successful we will continue to have more great kits. I am going to encourage the Pines and Prairies S Scale Workshop to make building this kit a winter project at meetings, perhaps we can do something similar at the NASG Convention. If the kits are available by the S Fest, Tom Lennon and I have reserved a table that is our “workshop” space, this can be a project we demonstrate. Thanks for getting this out in front of us!

  4. Hello Trevor,
    Beautiful boxcars with lots of details.
    A great addition to your layout.

    One question if I may: The decals on your boxcars are very, very nice, how is it possible to avoid “silvering” ?

    I applied different decals on various rolling stock; I cut the decals as close as possible and occasionally I get some “silvering”.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a nice day.


    • Hi Serge:
      First, a clarification – these are not my boxcars. They are the samples being built by Pierre Oliver at Yarmouth Model Works. I’ve had a chance to look at them, and photograph them, but that’s it.
      As for decals, Pierre and I did a feature on decals for TrainMasters TV. Membership is quite modest – I suggest you check it out.

  5. Hello Trevor,
    Thank you for the information.
    I am subscribed to TrainMasters TV, I’ve must of missed the decal feature.
    I’ll go and watch it right now.

    Have a nice day.


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