Get your CNR NSC-built boxcars

They’re here!


Yarmouth Model Works has just released its first S scale freight car kits – for early and late variants of Canadian National Railways 1937 AAR 40-foot boxcars, as built by National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario and featuring the manufacturer’s unique NSC-2 end.

These limited run kits feature a one-piece resin body casting, laser cut running boards, custom photo etchings for details such as brake appliance hangers, Des Plaines Hobbies eight-rung Canadian style ladders, and decals from Black Cat Publishing.

(Early version with flat panel roof and initial brake rigging arrangement)

(Later version with raised panel roof and revised brake rigging arrangement)

I have seen the finished production models of each kit (above) in person, and they are spectacular. With more than 5,700 of these cars roaming the rails across North America between the late 1930s and the 1980s, most of us working in 1:64 can justify one of each style on their layouts. (I’ve already placed an order for a few of each.) The unique NSC-2 end will add some welcome variation to our fleets.

You can order car(s) on the Kits – S Scale page at Yarmouth Model Works. (And if you’re going to this year’s RPM Conference in the Chicago area, I know Pierre plans to attend. Maybe you can order your kits now and pick them up at the show, to save on shipping.)

While I’m not part of Yarmouth Model Works, I was among those who encouraged Pierre Oliver and his team to test the waters in S scale. The company has released a number of kits and detail parts in HO, and has won much praise from the Railroad Prototype Modelers community for prototype fidelity, the quality of castings and parts, and ease of assembly. So I’m excited by the opportunity this represents for those of us in 1:64. If these do well, more kits are planned – including unique cars for some popular American roads.

If you have never built a resin kit, these models will be a great place to start.

9 thoughts on “Get your CNR NSC-built boxcars

  1. Got mine on order Trevor. Thanks for the heads up. Think they will be delivered before the S Fest the end of October? I would like to bring them down to show around.

  2. Trevor, an ealier post mentioned two variations on the mounting of the brake gear. Is this done while assembling the kit? I did not see a variety of kit numbers for that.

    • Hi Ken:
      Two kits are offered. Each has a different roof style – flat or raised panel.
      The kits with the flat panel roof have the appropriate earlier style of brake rigging in which the reservoir is mounted crosswise to the frame – 90 degrees to the sills. The kits with the raised panel roof have the later – more common – brake arrangement in which the reservoir is parallel to the sills. Each kit comes with its own mounts for this.

      • Small correction Trevor.
        The kits all come with both options for hanging the reservoir, (which is the difference). There are 2 styles of brackets for the reservoir on the etching fret. All kits have the same fret included.

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