Battling the OGRE

The Ogre, in this case, is Photobucket… and the battle has turned into a slog.

There are many things I would rather do* than rebuild this blog by transferring my photos off Photobucket and into WordPress. But it has to be done. I reported in mid-August that I’d moved three months worth of photos in three weeks. Now, at the beginning of October, it’s been six weeks and I’ve only done about a month’s worth.

It’ll be amazing if I get it all done within the allotted time, before Photobucket no longer supports third-party hosting for my blog.

*Like paint miniatures for OGRE/GEV, from Steve Jackson Games. These have languished in their boxes, unpainted, for some 25 years now. So compared to them, I’m blazing a trail through my blog…

The Command Post was well guarded. But it wasn't enough.

6 thoughts on “Battling the OGRE

  1. The fear of this happening is the thing that kept me from using hosting sites. I keep my photos on a disk. Other people don’t have the personal attachment to your things
    that you have. As my computer gets older there are sites and photo formats that won’t
    open more. I have a friend who is a software developer who admits things are going
    toward the the portable formats like IPAD. and IPHONE. My hobby is not computers
    but trains so when this computer goes I may well just forget computers altogether.

    • Hi Art:
      I also keep all my photos on a local drive (plus s local back-up). The Photobucket problem relates solely to sharing them via my blog. Regardless of who hosts them, I need to put them online for others to see – and the “battle” is really about the time it’s taking to edit my blog posts so they point to the new storage location instead of to Photobucket.

      • Trevor,
        I understand the situation. It is rather disheartening that you must go through a a lot of extra work to be able to access
        your photos for posting. I don’t model S scale but often wish
        I had gotten into it before I spent so much time and money
        on HO. I follow your Port Rowan because I admire your
        modeling skills and I am originally from Windsor Ont. My
        folks moved from there to southern California when I was
        2 1/2 but I have been back a couple times. So there is a
        connection if even small.
        Take care,

      • Here’s another look at my progress on painting up OGRE/GEV minis – for those who care about those sorts of things. This is my entire Paneuropean force.

        The complete Paneuropean force.

        You can also see a half-dozen hover trucks in the background, in a neutral paint scheme… plus a bit of a Combine OGRE photobombing the group photo. I have about 2/3 of the Combine units finished: Still one OGRE Mk IV and about a dozen armour units to do…

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