Would you believe… four section houses?

Four section house mock ups

Following a conversation with my friend Pierre Oliver, I created a fourth mockup of the section house at Port Rowan.

This one combines elements of two previous mockups.

Mockup “1” has no dormer, which I know is wrong but it is a good reference point because I feel it captures the rest of the structure well. Mockup “2” has a full-width dormer, but I didn’t like the roofline. Mockup “3” has a better roofline on the dormer, but overall it was too complex. At Pierre’s suggestion, I narrowed the dormer from “2”, and used the same angle for the peak that I used on the main part of the building.

I think the result – “4” – works better than the first three, so here it is in position on the layout:

Section house - the fourth contender

This blog has once again proven useful as I work to solve the puzzle of Port Rowan. But if I need to do any more of these, I’m going to have to get smart about building section house mockups.

(Thanks for the feedback, Pierre!)

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