Colour picture of the Lynn Valley water tank

My friend Dick Otto reminded me that a photo of the Lynn Valley water tank graces the cover of the Railway Recollections Volume 5 DVD from GPS Video*:

Lyn Valley tank - DVD photo GPS-Vol5-Cover.
(Click on the image to find out more about this video.)

This is the only photo of the tank that I know of that’s online.

Another friend, Jim Martin, first alerted me to this picture in book format – as a 7″ x 9.5″ plate in Passing Trains: The Changing Face of Canadian Railroading by Greg McDonnell, originally published by Boston Mills Press and now, sadly, out of print (but try searching on ABE Books). Appropriately enough, given the engine number, the photo is on page 83.

(I’m kicking myself over this because I have both the DVD and the book, and didn’t remember the photo from either. It pays to go back and look through one’s library from time to time. I’ll have to review my other Canadian railway books to see if I can find more useful photos to help with my layout-building efforts. In any case…)

From Greg McDonnell’s book, I have learned that James Van Brocklin shot this photo on April 17, 1954. He’s also responsible for the film on the aforementioned DVD, and I’m really grateful he took the time. I’ve also learned that regardless of the colour it was originally, the tank was a well-weathered shade of grey by the mid-1950s, so that’s how I will model it.

More to come on my model of the tank, so stay tuned.

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