Planning Port Rowan in the Layout Design Journal


I’d like to welcome any new readers from the Layout Design Special Interest Group. I hope you enjoyed my article in issue #45 of the Layout Design Journal (Winter 2012). I received my copy today and editor Byron Henderson has done another fantastic job. (Thanks, Byron!)

You’ll find some of the material from that article here, of course it was some of my early musings about the layout that I thought those interested in layout design would most appreciate. But I’ve made a lot of progress on the layout since submitting the article to Byron so there’s plenty here for you to explore.

I hope you become regular visitors – and if you want to stay abreast of my posts, look for the “My Musings :: Your Inbox” section in the right-hand column on this blog’s home page.

Thanks for stopping by!

(And to those readers who are not members of the LDSIG, you really should consider it. The organization is run by a great bunch of people and the members generate some of the most innovative thinking in the hobby stuff that’s often years ahead of the curve. Under Byron’s stewardship, the Layout Design Journal has become a top-notch quarterly publication, too. Check out sample pages from the current issue on the LDSIG’s publications page.)

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