Leedham’s Mill construction :: 3

It took a while, but I’ve finished all the battens on my model of Leedham’s Mill:

Leedham's Mill - Red Battens

Since this is a foreground model, I applied individual 1″x2″ strips over the 1″x8″ boards. I stained the boards before adding the battens, but left the battens unpainted. Then, when I brush painted the structure (using “Pure Red” from Army Painter – a wargaming brand), the battens came out brighter. This helps emphasize the relief on the structure. I like the look.

Leedham's Mill - Red Battens

Meantime, I’ve also clad the office extension.

Leedham's Mill - Office cinder blocks

I was unhappy with commercial cinder block sheets – I found the mortar lines to be too large – so I made my own from styrene sheet. (My comment on commercial sheets is a personal opinion: if you have something that works for you, then more power to you!) The wall turned out a little rougher than I’d like it – so I may revisit this. I will paint and weather the blocks, and test the model on the layout, before I make a final decision.

I know that Monster Model Works offers some laser cut concrete block in S scale that might work. It would require rebuilding the office entirely, however, as the product is laser cut on 1/8″ thick sheet. It’s also something that I’d probably like to see in person before buying and paying shipping on it – so it’ll likely have to wait until I get to a show where Monster Model Works is exhibiting.

In the meantime, I can continue to work on this structure. I have doors, windows, platforms and other details to build. And there are other buildings to tackle in the Leedham complex.

5 thoughts on “Leedham’s Mill construction :: 3

  1. The mill is coming along nicely, Trevor. I’m happy to see that you’re doing some structure building now.

    I also hope that you’ve reconsidered shutting down your blog . . . it would be missed by me, at least. I to have had a few hiccups over the years with mine (I’m also using WordPress with the Twenty-Eleven theme). The problem is almost always with a conflicting plug-in after an upgrade. I had noticed references in that gibberish on your post that made me think that you might have that problem, and fortunately your friend suggested it to you.

    Looking forward to following the mill construction.


  2. Your model is looking good!
    I used Monster Model works aged brick for my HO roundhouse.
    It is a fantastic product as far as I am concerned. I imagine the S scale concrete block is just as good.
    The 1/8” thickness is a bit more difficult to work with but I feel it is worth it. They recommend using a tiny saw blade for an Exacto knife – I never tried that but it seems a bit tedious to me. I used a jeweler’s saw and that worked great. But you need a way to raise up your work with one part hanging in the open so you can cut it. I used a jeweler’s bench block. (The saw and bench block are fortunate leftovers from my previous hobby of jewelry making – but Micro Mark sells jewelers saw and I think they are worthy additions to any modeler’s toolbox.)
    Keep up the good work

  3. Great work Trevor and thank you for the tip about Monster Model Works, a new one for me and I see that there line up will work for the “40’ of Proto 48” which is now 44’! Always a delight to see your posts in the in-box.


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