A turn for the better

(Some assembly required)

Yesterday, I picked up my second Sherline tool – a 24″ lathe. Through my experience with Andy Malette on the CNR 3737 project, I’ve learned that I’ll probably get even more use out of this lathe than I will out of my mill. It should come in handy for air tanks and other turned bits for a number of current and future projects.

I ordered this back in November, but between the Christmas rush (yes, people buy machine tools for Christmas) and wildfires in southern California (where Sherline Products is located), it took a couple of months to come in. I picked up this lathe from Atlas Machinery – a venerable Toronto-area dealer – and had a great experience. Their Sherline expert, Mike, is very helpful.

Obviously, I need to assemble the lathe. There are lots of bits and bobs to attach, and a thick assembly guide to get my head around before I start. I also need to mount the lathe on a base to help contain the swarf it’ll generate. (This is something I have to do for my mill as well.) Finally, I need to add some task lighting to the machine tool section of my workshop. But I’m looking forward to putting these tools to good use!

Mill and Lathe

8 thoughts on “A turn for the better

  1. Trevor, That is one of the wonderful things about this hobby. There are so many ways to create and enjoy. i hope you can make it to the Boston area for the NASG Convention and share some of your experiences with the new tool.

    Ken Zieska

  2. I have the shorter bed, which is fine for most hobby related tasks. However, in hindsight, I should have gotten the longer bed – tailstock mounted chucks and bits eat up a lot of room. Good choice on your part.

    Regarding swarf containment, the lathe is much more manageable than the mill. I’ve turned aluminum about a foot in front of my shelf layout: no metal bits have found their way onto it yet (brass may be a different matter…). I will be interested in what you come up with for your mill though!

  3. Trevor::

    Congratulations on the new lathe. Once you read (and re-read) the instructions you will want to take a look at the following video:


    as a guide. There are others as well that will make life much easier for you. I only wish these were around when I set up my lathe and mill.

    Having set up both, I have a few ideas as to how I would do things a touch differently. Let me know if you want to chat and if you need an extra pair of hands setting up and calibrating.


  4. Fun, I have the lathe, but reconfigured it to be a mill. I need to learn to use both. I need to do Rene’s number of hours to become proficient. I look forward to reading about what you learn….

    Let’s go swarfing’ now
    Everybody’s learning how
    Come on and sherline with me

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