Rails: Really!

On the not-so-high iron.

If you’ve been wondering where the updates have been, well, I’ve been too busy in the layout room to write.

Track-laying is well underway. In fact, it’s almost finished in Port Rowan.

I have spiked down all the track switches as well as all rails for the main track, passing siding and team track in my terminal. Looking from the entrance to the yard, the rails are halfway up the elevated coal delivery track at left, too:

Rail in Port Rowan.

There’s still much work to do: I’ve spiked about every 12th tie to set the alignment, and have been going back to add spikes in between so I’ll have every sixth tie spiked. I’ll then make another pass to bring it up to at least every third tie… and then decide if I want to do every tie as originally planned. I’m not shirking from the work but recognize that it will be a lot of wasted effort if the spikes can’t be seen, and the grass is going to do a good job of hiding that.

I must also add joint bars to all rails. This work has started, mostly around the switches, where I’ve also added rail braces to the stock rails in the point area. The joint bars and rail braces are castings from Details West. They’re designed for HO scale, but Code 70 rail is Code 70, no matter what the scale, so they’ll do fine for S:

Track details, labelled.

Track extends out of Port Rowan and around to the first bridge. I’m also spiking down switches in St. Williams. When this work is done – and all spikes are driven that I need to drive – I will go back to Port Rowan and finish the roadbed, ties and rails for the turntable lead. And the rails need to be painted. And… and… and…

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not going to take very long to get trains running – one of the many advantages of designing an achievable layout.

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