Machine Tool Task Lighting: Jansjo

Good lighting is critical to doing good work, and sometimes you want to aim a light exactly where you need it. Like this:

Tool lighting - Jansjo

While wandering in IKEA yesterday (as one does…), I stumbled across these neat little LED lights. The “Jansjo” lights were about $15 each, so I picked up a pair of them. As the photo shows, they can be positioned to put the light exactly where I need it. If you care about these things, they come in a variety of colours. I bought the silver, because they were on sale and because I think the finish will be easier to keep clean.

Jansjo lighting from IKEA

I’m really pleased with my find.

8 thoughts on “Machine Tool Task Lighting: Jansjo

  1. I used to have one of these as my primary light source on my workbench before upgrading. I do miss the ability to point the light. Buying a new one (the one I had eventually gave up the ghost and ceased to function) May be on the to do list when I look at replacing my workbench on the near future.

    Definitely a great cost effective option to get some directed light on your workbench.


    • Agreed!

      These certainly will not be my only light on the tools, but I thought having the ability to aim some task lighting exactly where I want it – and keep it out of the path of the tools – made these an ideal choice.

      At $15 each, they’re worth the experiment. If they don’t work, I can always use them elsewhere in the house…


  2. They also make a clip-on type and even a USB powered one. I can see the one with the clip being useful for bench tools like a drill press. The USB one unfortunately isnโ€™t very bright, but it will illuminate your keyboard so you can continue to write if the power goes out.

  3. Nicely timed suggestion! I was doing my first modeling work in a while yesterday (fixing up an ancient All-Nation CP “Spans the World” boxcar from eBay), and wishing I could see what I was doing. Just ordered two of the lamp critters, even with shipping, 30 bucks. Thanks, Trevor.

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