CNR 8549

CNR 8549

Last week I visited my friend William Flatt, an accomplished modeller who works in S. William is 80 and has determined it’s time to pare down his hobby – a wise but difficult decision that many people refuse to make in their senior years. As part of that, he has been selling off some of his equipment to local hobbyists prior to putting surplus gear up for auction to the masses.

I picked up a number of things from William, including this CNR wooden express car that will be a perfect addition to my mixed train to Port Rowan. William says he built this from a resin kit, years ago. It’s beautifully done and I’ll be proud to run it on my layout. I will swap couplers and wheels to match my layout standard, but that’s it.

Thank you, William!

(I picked up some other equipment too, which I will describe in a future post)

7 thoughts on “CNR 8549

  1. Not only is the equipment preserved and put to use where it is appreciated, William gets the money to use rather than his heirs.

    • I think his concern was less about using the money, than it was about finding good homes for the equipment. His heirs wouldn’t know where to begin – there’s nobody else in his family who is interested in the hobby – and by dealing with this now, he’s saving them some grief.

    • There’s no list. At this point, he’s selling to select friends – giving us first dibs on stuff. I think he may eventually list items on eBay.

  2. That’s a great way to deal with several issues:
    Saving your family the worry;
    Getting a reasonable price;
    Knowing that some of your modelling will go people who appreciate it.

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