I declare the combines “finished”!

CNR 7184 - Finished.

CNR 7176 - Finished.

While re-watching an old TV series I enjoy, I finished up the two CNR combines built for me by my friend Pierre Oliver at Elgin Car Shops*, from the kits offered by another friend, Andy Malette at MLW Services*. (Hey – S Scale is like that: Everybody knows everybody!)

Pierre did a wonderful job on these kits, but I asked him to leave some of the final work to me. This included upgrading the American Models wheel sets that came with the trucks to semi-scale 36-inch wheel sets from Northwest Short Line*. I held off on adding Kadee couplers until the wheel sets were in place, in case I needed to adjust the coupler heights to match the S scale NMRA standard (I didn’t) – and this meant I would also have to add the air/steam/signal lines that sit to either side of the coupler boxes. You can see these in this 3/4 view of Combine 7184, in the pre-1954 all-green scheme.

Other details included real glass – cut from microscope slide covers and installed using Micro Kristal Klear from Microscale. A translucent report cover backed with a piece of white styrene created the frosted white toilet window, while the buff window shades are cut from an appropriately-coloured envelope. These too were installed with Kristal Klear.

Finally, each car received a conductor in the passenger-end vestibule. Sharp-eyed readers should be able to pick out the conductor in the photo of CNR 7176, in the post-1954 green and black scheme.

To finish things off, I airbrushed some light weathering on the cars. Most of this is applied to the trucks and underbody appliances in order to lighten them and bring out the details. A bit of grime is added around the connections and safety gates on the car ends, and some weathering across the roof represents soot and dirt.

Thanks again to Andy for producing these kits… to my two friends who sold me theirs so I could finish my Port Rowan Mixed train… and to Pierre for doing such a great job building them.

On to the next project!

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