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In addition to writing about my layout on this blog, from November 2010 to April 2013 I co-hosted and produced a podcast called The Model Railway Show. You’ll never guess what it’s about…

TMRS Podcast - badge.

Over 52 episodes, plus specials, Jim Martin and I interviewed interesting people in the hobby, including: Manufacturers; Officials at the NMRA, Special Interest Groups and Historical Societies; Organizers of conventions, RPM meets and other activities; People with inspiring, unusual or even game-changing layouts; Publishers, editors and authors; and others.

We then presented two quick yet insightful stories on each episode. New episodes were published to the web on the 1st and 15th of each month, and it was free to subscribe.

We enjoyed creating The Model Railway Show but after two and a half years, the team decided it’s time to get back to our work benches and layout rooms.

The podcast was a volunteer effort – a labour of love – and while we enjoyed interviewing so many great guests and creating these shows, it demanded a fair bit of hobby time.

If you never tuned in, it’s not too late. Past episodes have been archived, so new listeners can hear all of the interviews we did. Here’s how to listen. I hope you will.

If you listened to the show, thank you – it was great to have you aboard!

5 thoughts on “The Model Railway Show

  1. Trevor and Jim,
    I’m sorry to hear you shut down the show. It was easily the best produced and most interesting of the model railroad podcasts. Thanks for the run.


    • Thanks Bernie – and thanks for being a guest on the show!

      We had a great time doing it, but we’re looking forward to getting back to work on our layouts and other projects. That said, we still have all the audio gear, so if circumstances change, well, you never know…


  2. Trevor,

    Today I visited your railway show archive site and downloaded one of your recent podcasts. I’d listened to a couple other shows (not yours) over the years, but found all of them -well- boring. But your show was quite the surprise! I found it entertaining and informative. I wound up downloading and listening to maybe five shows today while working on my layout.

    I’m now sad that you and Jim gave up the show, but at least I have another 47 or so left to enjoy 🙂

    Jack Shall

    • Hi Jack:

      Thanks for the kind words – and I’m glad you’ve found the podcast and are enjoying our efforts.

      I’ve noted elsewhere on the blog that I’m open to restarting the podcast when the time is right. It was a great experience – but it also counted as “hobby time” and it ate into the more constructive parts of the hobby, such as building the layout I’m documenting on my blog.

      That said, the layout is well-underway now. When I get more of the structures built, I’ll be looking for things to do in the hobby to occupy my time. At that point, the podcast may return to the air…


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