Live Steam

Garratt - pan shot at Wilbur's.

In addition to building my S scale Port Rowan layout, I have a number of other interests in the hobby, including a passion for garden scale Live Steam (UK outline).

I think setting up a train to run while enjoying adult beverages with friends in a pleasant garden is a perfect way to “waste” a summer day.

Follow the link to read more about my Adventures in Live Steam.

Enjoy if you visit!

2 thoughts on “Live Steam

  1. Trevor. At the wake for Richard Chrysler, I showed you a couple of slides I took in 1965 of a live steam model built by a gentleman who lived in Port Rowan. I have finally got around to firing up my old computer in order to run my slide scanner. How can I send you these pix so that we may find out perhaps who the gentleman was?

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