TrainMasters TV Blog

TrainMasters TV blog

In addition to my personal blogs, I’m also a regular contributor to The TrainMasters TV Blog. This blog is open to everybody – one does not need to subscribe to TrainMasters TV in order to read it, although obviously I hope that you are subscribing. (And if you’re not, then perhaps something I write on the blog will encourage you to give it a trial run.)

A TrainMasters TV subscription is quite reasonable. Check out the member benefits and pricing.


Obviously, my posts to the TrainMasters TV blog will be related to the program. Some will be related to stories that have been covered on TrainMasters TV in the past. Others will be about upcoming stories. And still others will take readers behind-the-scenes with producer Barry Silverthorn and others, to shed light on what goes into making a professionally-produced show about our wonderful hobby.

I’m hoping that as I get into the groove of writing for for the blog I’ll offer up one post per week at a minimum.

Enjoy if you visit, and I hope you’ll bookmark The TrainMasters TV Blog.

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