Fired Up! with Jeff Young

My friend Jeff Young is well known in the live steam community and he writes the live steam column for one of the major hobby magazines devoted to railroading in the garden.

So I’m thrilled that he and I have been able to work together on Fired Up! – a new series on TrainMasters TV that explores the world of live steam. Fired Up! covers choosing, setting up, running and servicing garden scale live steam locomotives. It’s aimed at those new to live steaming, but I hope even experienced water boilers will enjoy it.

Here’s a preview for the first episode, which will be available for viewing this weekend:

We’re doing six episodes this season – and if it’s well received we have the outlines of six more for season two. And of course if it’s really well received we’ll create additional seasons.

Yes – there’s a reason for the spinning barbecue in the opening credits. To find out more, you’ll need to watch the series – and to do that, you’ll need to be a subscriber to TrainMasters TV. But here’s the good news: membership is quite reasonable and you’ll be able to watch a whole lot of excellent hobby-related content, created and presented with top-quality production values.

Think of TrainMasters TV as an all-singing, all-dancing glossy magazine about railway modelling, and you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is.

Enjoy if you watch – and happy steaming!

UPDATE: The full first episode is now available for viewing.

2 thoughts on “Fired Up! with Jeff Young

  1. Airport West Hobbies

    Hi Trevor,

    After watching the trailer, it looks informative & useful for the new modellers. Hope it will certainly help the prospects to acquire the information which they are looking for. I liked the title ‘Fired Up’.

    The membership price is indeed reasonable however I would like to ask that can one need to subscribe membership to view the first episode?


    1. Trevor Post author

      Hi Kevin:
      Thanks for the comments – Jeff and I hope that this six-episode first season is informative and useful, especially to those new to live steam.
      As for your question about subscribing to view the first episode, there are many ways to watch it – including paying on a per-episode basis as a non-member. You’ll find the various options on the episode’s page, here.


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