Garden Renovation: Unseen Essentials

The landscaping crew is making quick work of rebuilding our back garden. With the destruction out of the way, the next step involved adding some services into the garden to make it a more welcome space – and hiding others from view.

Right now, two sets of wires span the garden, front to back. One set delivers electricity from our main panel to a satellite panel in the garage. The other set runs from the laneway to provide our Internet access. Right from the start, we knew we wanted to bury the electrical service in conduit. As for the Internet, we made some phone calls and had an onsite visit from a technician from the appropriate utility, and were instructed on what needed to be done to bury that as well.

The landscapers ran the necessary conduits and cables along the north side of the yard:

Conduits and Cables.

Jack inspects the work – and approves!

Jack inspects.

We also added water and natural gas hook-ups, for the watering system and a grille:


With that work out of the way, gravel – lots of gravel – started to arrive, to form the foundation for a new patio:


Patio installation is next… and will radically transform the space.

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