Garden Renovation: Plants and Trees

Garden overview
(It’s starting to look like a garden where we actually want to spend time!)

Sharp-eyed readers might have noticed some plants appearing along the fences of the garden in my previous post about the new stone patio. (If you did not, you can revisit that post. Go ahead: I’ll wait here.)

With the patio mostly in place, the landscapers decided it’s time to finish the plantings – especially in the back (northwest) corner of the garden. With three border collies in residence, we’ve gone with a mix of hardy shrubs and a stand of trees that – as they grow – will help shade the garden from afternoon sun.

Truck - trees
(It was exciting to see the truck pull up across the street yesterday, with trees on board)

Trees and bulbs
(Shrubs and edging for the patio)

Trees and bulbs
(Some colour for the spring)

Trees and bulbs
(Planting Trees and burying bulbs)

Trees and shrubs
(Bill the landscaper spreads mulch around the trees. The overhead wires will be buried in conduit as mentioned previously on this blog)

Trees and shrubs
(The pocket garden under the trees, with lots of room for plants to grow)

Trees and bulbs
(The baggage wagon, set in place)

Lion and Lamb
(A lion and lamb, from my mother’s house, finds a place to rest in a corner of the patio)

From from the back landing
(The view that greets visitors as they enter the garden. There are plans for all those spaces currently occupied by gravel…)

Overhead perspective
(The garden as seen from the 2nd floor deck off my home office)

(As always, the inspectors must inspect at the end of the day)

More to come next week, as we move on to adding some wood tones to the space!

4 thoughts on “Garden Renovation: Plants and Trees

  1. Scott Thornton

    Trevor: that space looks wonderful. I’m sure you and your wife will enjoy spending time in that lovely space.

    I’m curious, though, as a fellow dog owner, where is your “drop zone”? 🙂

    1. Trevor Post author

      Hi Scott:

      Wherever they want it to be. They’ve never been trained to drop in a particular spot. We’ve been trained to pick up.



  2. Steve Lucas

    The thought of your neighbours hearing the not-so-distant chime of steam whistles and a loco working steam? They might cavil a bit. Me? I want to be your neighbour!

    Steve Lucas.

    1. Trevor Post author

      Hi Steve:

      The neighbours on one side regularly grille fish on their barbecue – which makes the ‘hood smell fishy. The neighbours on the other side regularly hold garden parties at which they play really saccharine-y music.

      They’ll just have to get used to the occasional live steam experience. Who knows? Maybe they’ll want to join in!



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