Garden Renovation: No more wires

No more wires!
(It may seem like a small thing, but it made a huge difference)

Since we were executing a scorched earth policy in the back garden anyway, we decided to remove the overhead wires and place them in conduit below ground:

Conduits and Cables.
(Jack inspects the conduit. Click on the image to read more)

This week, the lines were successfully re-routed. First, our designer/contractor removed the four overhead power lines that connected our garage to the main panel in the house:

Removing the power lines

At the same time, he routed our internet connection through the garage and up the old power pole. Then, a field technician pulled down our overhead lines (you can see them running through the new trees in the above photo) and routed those underground too:

Re-routing the internet connection

The difference, as shown in the lead photo, is actually bigger than I thought it would be. I can only surmise that the overhead lines would act as something for the eye to focus on, so they would draw the eye along them to the edges of the garden. They would also divide the sky into strips – much more so than I thought a thin black line would. The view from the ground is much, much better now.

From a practical perspective, we’ve removed the potential for our new trees to cause a problem with our wires.

I’m really glad we did this!

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