Garden Renovation: Decks

Bill and Trixie
(Bill, our landscaper, and his border collie Trixie inspect the progress on the new decks)

With most of the stone patio work completed, the next step in the garden renovation was to add decks at the back door and at the garage. The crew spent a couple of days installing and truing up the footings, then built the framing:

Deck framing - back door
(Framing for the back door deck. A drain pipe will distribute rain water under the deck. The wooden panels are a temporary path for our dogs to reach the garden)

Deck framing - garage
(The framing for the deck at the garage end of the garden. This will be extended under the recycling bin storage box as well)

For the decking itself, we went with a sustainable option – Bamboo:


I’m not sure how “X-treme” it is, but it sure looks nice…

Deck bamboo - garage
(The forecast calls for rain, which will take care of those boot prints)

Deck bamboo - back door
(The inspectors check it out on a wet Saturday)

The decks are only a small step up from ground level, but they nicely add interest to the garden while maintaining the sense of open space that we desired. There’s still some work to do on them, but we’re really happy with the results so far!

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