Garden Renovation: Fence

November has turned wet, but our brilliant designer/builder is prepared to keep working on our garden renovation – with some help from a tent:

Marc + Tent
(Marc brings fence boards through the garage. The big sliding door is a real help when moving large stuff)

Tent + Tools
(As long as the power tools are dry, work can continue)

The next project is primarily cosmetic: new cladding for the fences to make them look more modern. The work is straight-forward, but fussy. The posts need to be shimmed to ensure the fence cladding remains straight along its length, and intermediate supports are required so the fence boards do not buckle. The figuring and prepping took a few days, but then the boards themselves went on relatively quickly.

Fence in progress.

Deck and fence
(The deck at the back door is finished, and work on the fence has started)

Garage deck
(The deck at the garage has also been finished and our garbage bin shed is back in place)

Fence + inspectors
(The inspectors check out the progress on the fence – and approve!)

We’re still determining how to treat the fence on the south side of the property. A preliminary investigation revealed a couple of rotted posts on this side, too – so we’ll have to discuss the fence with our neighbours on that side…

1 thought on “Garden Renovation: Fence

  1. Pete Leach

    What a great transition! Having moved stone, gravel, mulch, plants, etc more times than I can count, it was wise to contract it out! What a wonderful space you’ve created!


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