Garden Renovation: Finishing Up

Garden from the office deck
(The garden, as seen from the deck off my second floor home office. Move the patio set to one side, and there will be plenty of space for a portable live steam track…)

Having started work roughly two months ago, the garden renovation is 99% finished.

There are still little details to take care of – and the back of the house will get clad in new material in the spring – but the landscapers have wrapped up and our designer/contractor has gone home for the winter.

After finishing the fence (at least on the north side: the south will wait for the spring), the final major bit of progress was delivery and installation of several large planters, custom fabricated from Corten steel. These are more than planters – they’re raised gardens:

(One of the planters viewed from below, showing off the general construction)

Prepping the planter space
(Our contractor Marc – kneeling at right – and the landscaping crew prepare the space for the planters)

Planter installation
(Marc adds some spacers to one of the planters. In the distance, Trixie – the border collie owned by the landscaper, Bill – inspects the work. Or, perhaps, checks for food? She’s a dog, after all…)

Three planters
(Three planters in place along the north fence, including loops for the irrigation system. We’ll plant herbs and other goodies in them in the spring, and enjoy no-stoop gardening!)

The deck at the back door also includes space for a barbecue:

Planters and BBQ

A fourth planter runs along the back of the house, and includes a bench made from a Corten pedestal capped with the stone that used to be our back step. It’s perfect for putting down grocery bags while unlocking the door:

Lower planter

The back of the house will be re-clad in the spring, and that kooky downspout will be addressed then. (We used to have a rain barrel – hence, the junction and two spouts.)

Our eldest border collie, Mocean, checks out the new patio:

backyard - final - looking east

backyard - final - looking west

What a difference from before!

Backyard - before

We’re thrilled by the outcome of this project and look forward to finally being able to enjoy our garden. We never realized the full potential of the space, but that’s all changed. I can now start planning a portable steaming track, too. Fortunately, Jeff Young and I described how to build one of those on the most recent segment of “Fired Up!” on TrainMasters TV

Fired Up

2 thoughts on “Garden Renovation: Finishing Up

  1. Jack Shall

    The project came out very well, Trevor. While I didn’t think this particular series of postings would get my interest, it indeed did . . . thanks for showing the project. Be sure to post additional photos in the spring when all the greenery comes out (and be sure to plant those new planters 🙂

    Now get back down to those trains!

    -Jack Shall

    1. Trevor Post author

      Hi Jack:
      Thanks – and I sure will. Of course, this is also the prelude to a series of progress reports on building a steaming track. But that’s not going to start until winter is in the rear view mirror…


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