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Don't fall off the wagon photo Wagon-01.jpg
(Don’t fall off the wagon!)

Me firing the Accucraft Peveril photo TrevorPeveril.jpg
(Firing my live steam Isle of Man “Peveril”)

I’m a lifelong model railway enthusiast. In addition to my interests in live steam, which I’ll document here, I am currently building an S scale model railway in my home. I started planning for this layout in mid-2011 and construction began in October of that year:

 photo PtR-Chestnut-TwoHouses-02_zpsd96d0f20.jpg
(The Canadian National Railway’s branch to Port Rowan, Ontario in 1:64)

When I’m not working on the layout, I co-host The Model Railway Show, a podcast about the hobby:

The Model Railway Show photo TMRS_badge_zpscfab16b2.jpg

I’m also training my two border collies on sheep. If we ever get good enough, we may compete in herding trials. We’ll see…

Did he say BATH??? photo DidHeSayBath-1.jpg
(“Did he say, ‘BATH’?”)

Winter Fetch photo 4720bc29.jpg

– Trevor

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. John Reinecke

    Hi Trevor
    I recently purchased a Accucraft NGG16 Garratt (batch 1 # 105) and am in the process of doing the various mod’s as per your Garratt article, which is very helpful thank you
    With regards to the blow down valve from DJB Eng you fitted to the sight glass
    What size valve is it – 3/32″ or 1/8″ pipe (3/16 x 40 or 1/4 x 40 outlet thread)
    And did you drill and thread the gauge glass fitting or solder and adapter to the gauge glass fitting to take the valve
    Also the brass bush’s for the cranks are very loose not sure if they are meant to be that way or just worn out – do you know where I could get spare bush’s and crank pins from for the Garratt
    Many thanks
    John Reinecke
    Auckland New Zealand

    1. Trevor Post author

      Hi John:
      Congrats on your Garratt! I’m glad you enjoyed the posts on my modifications.
      I can’t remember what size valve I used, unfortunately. It was several years ago now. If I recall, I drilled the gauge glass fitting and threaded it.
      I’m not sure about the brass bushings for the cranks. I suggest you get in touch with Accucraft UK to source replacements.


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