NS&T 80 and 130 – Scanlon’s?

Here’s a lovely shot of open-country running on the Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto Railway, taken from the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt:

NS&T 80 & 130 - Scanlon's?

NS&T 80 and NS&T 130. Photographer and date unknown.

My notes for this image say it was taken “possibly at Scanlon’s”. According to my copy of the 1945 Employee Time Table, this was a nine-car passing siding between Fonthill and Welland, at MP 8.59 on the Welland Division. It featured spring switches at both ends to facilitate meets – such as the one shown here.

Car 80 was likely working in scheduled service on this day, while Car 130 was obviously in railfan service – note the white “extra” flags and “Special” in the destination sign. It’s likely this photo was taken the same day as two other pictures I’ve recently shared of Car 130 – at Humberstone and on Elm Street in Port Colborne.

NS&T 622 – Fonthill cannery spur

I’m working my way through the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt – and I thought I’d share some of the images that speak strongly to me about the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway. In yesterday’s post, I shared a photo of NS&T 622 on Louisa Street in St. Catharines. Here’s another view of the same car – possibly taken the same day:

NST 622 - Fonthill - Canning Spur

NS&T 622 in Fonthill, Ontario – Photographer and date unknown.

It’s sometime between 1956 and 1959, because the 620-series cars were only on the NS&T for four years.

In this photo, there are two clues that the 622 is in excursion service. First, it’s running as an extra: Note the white flags. More tellingly, it’s on the cannery spur in Fonthill, which did not normally see passenger service. The NS&T had a reputation for accommodating railfans, and a lot of rare mileage was covered.

The cannery was located on Pelham Street at Hurricane Road. I imagine that it was pretty busy during the harvest season and there are a couple of tracks here, to allow a freight crew to easily swap empties and loads.

After the cannery shut down, the building was converted into a seniors residence…

Fonthill: NS&T track map (1948)

A visit yesterday with my friend William Flatt produced a gold mine of information about the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway, including a set of official track maps of the Welland Subdivision (from Thorold to Port Colborne). The railway produced the original maps in 1920, and revised them in 1948. Here’s a look at Fonthill – a combination of two of the map pages:

Track map - Fonthill
(I realize these maps are very small, but I’m adding them to this blog primarily for my own reference.)

The line from Thorold (to the north) enters at right and exits at the bottom left, towards Welland. The NS&T had a station in the northeast corner of the intersection of Canboro Road and Station Street, with a 585-foot double-ended siding in front of the station. A spur ran north up Station Street, then turned west to serve Canadian Canners.

South of the station, a 1,664-foot double-ended siding served a freight shed and platform. Presumably, this area was used as a team track.