Hoo-boy: It’s the NS&T!

That’s “Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto” – and it’s like kryptonite to me. I go weak at the knees for this stuff…


NS&T 8, Welland Avenue yard, St. Catharines – Date and photographer unknown

On this blog, I’m going to explore the NS&T as a potential modelling subject in S scale (1:64). My initial posts will cover my decisions on era, potential locations to model, equipment (including a number of items I already own), and other planning considerations. At some point, I’ll start doodling layout plans and sharing them here, too.

If all goes well – specifically, if my exploration evolves from theory to practice – this site will morph into a record of my model railway based on the CNR electric lines in the Niagara Peninsula. I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the journey!

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5 thoughts on “Hoo-boy: It’s the NS&T!”

  1. RSS added! Like with your fantastic and inspirational Port Rowan layout, I look forward to following your writing and your thoughts on this subject.

    I too have a deep fondness for a Canadian traction line, although mine is the BC Electric Rwy in the Vancouver area. However, I have a lot of work to do on my current HO steam layout and am unlikely to switch anytime soon as it is bringing me a great deal of satisfaction. Plus, my soldering skills will need to improve substantially before overhead wiring is feasible… For me, switching prototypes is a distant prospect. But if I ever switched, a larger scale (like S or O) would be very attractive for a traction layout.

    1. Hi Karl:
      The BC Electric Railway is a fine choice… but I like your phrase:
      “It is bringing me a great deal of satisfaction”.
      That’s the perfect reason to not switch up what you’re doing – so keep on with the steam era layout, and enjoy.

  2. Wow. That’s quite the challenge you’ve put ahead of yourself. And completely unique. I look forward in finding out out your challenges and discoveries.

  3. Over head wire construction is only hard until you have done it–then you find that the difficulty was all in your mind. If you can solder with a little neatness, you can hang wire. This isn’t the place for a how-to however.


    1. Hi Herb:
      Thanks for the insight. I’m not worried about how difficult it is, though – I’m simply acknowledging the fact that I have never done it, and until I do I will not know if I can, or if I enjoy it.
      Obviously, it’s a key requirement of doing any traction-themed model railway, so need to try doing it before committing to building an entire layout.

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