HEPC: Dump Cars

While working my way through photographs of the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway from the Andrew Merrilees Collection at Library and Archives Canada in September, I found a number of images from the Queenston Power Canal Construction Railway – operated by Ontario’s Hydro-Electric Power Commission.

As noted previously, this railway was an interesting electric line that once operated in the Niagara Region – and which supplied a few freight motors to the Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto Railway.

The railway’s primary purpose was to remove and dispose of material as shovels dug the power canal. As such, dump cars dominated the line’s roster. Chapter 18 of the revised John Mills book on the NS&T notes that the construction railway had 250 such cars at its peak. The locomotives were equipped with extra air tanks and high-capacity compressors to provide the air necessary not only for braking but also to operate the dump cars.

In the archives, I found a book of photos that also included information about each piece of HEPC equipment. I believe this book was an evaluation of the equipment for insurance or possibly sale purposes. Here are the valuations covering 220 dump cars of three types, all used on the construction railway:

HEPC - Dump Cars 1-150

HEPC - Dump Cars 151-200

HEPC - Dump Cars 201-220

I have more photos of HEPC equipment with their valuations, and will share them in the coming days.

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