NS&T 620 – Southbound at Stop 21

Let’s head south a couple of stops from the photo in yesterday’s post, to Stop 21. Here’s an interesting look at the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto station at Welland – from the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I acquired from William Flatt:

NST 620 - Southbound at Welland Station

NS&T 620 – Welland. Photographer and date unknown

This is an unusual photograph in that it’s taken looking south. Most other pictures at Welland are taken from the south, looking north from Maple Avenue to capture the front of the car in full sun.

I like a couple of things about this picture:

First, notice the black “21” in a yellow circle on the side of the station. This is the stop number and it’s interesting to see that the stops were so indicated, even on major structures like this. A 1950s era ticket from the Welland Division (reprinted on page 63 of the revised John Mills book), indicates that there are 28 stops between the Thorold station at the north and the Port Colborne station at the south. (There are obviously a few stops no longer in service: the numbers range from “3” at Beamer’s in Thorold to “35” at the Port Colborne depot.)

Second, note the CNR boxcar in the background at right. My map of the Welland Division shows two tracks behind the station:

NST Stop 21 (Welland) - Map

This photo confirms that at least one of those tracks is still in use.

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