Fonthill: NS&T track map (1948)

A visit yesterday with my friend William Flatt produced a gold mine of information about the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway, including a set of official track maps of the Welland Subdivision (from Thorold to Port Colborne). The railway produced the original maps in 1920, and revised them in 1948. Here’s a look at Fonthill – a combination of two of the map pages:

Track map - Fonthill
(I realize these maps are very small, but I’m adding them to this blog primarily for my own reference.)

The line from Thorold (to the north) enters at right and exits at the bottom left, towards Welland. The NS&T had a station in the northeast corner of the intersection of Canboro Road and Station Street, with a 585-foot double-ended siding in front of the station. A spur ran north up Station Street, then turned west to serve Canadian Canners.

South of the station, a 1,664-foot double-ended siding served a freight shed and platform. Presumably, this area was used as a team track.

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