Welland: NST track map (1948)

A visit yesterday with my friend William Flatt produced a gold mine of information about the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway, including a set of official track maps of the Welland Subdivision (from Thorold to Port Colborne). The railway produced the original maps in 1920, and revised them in 1948. Here’s a look at Welland – a combination of three of the map pages:

NST track map - Welland
(I realize these maps are very small, but I’m adding them to this blog primarily for my own reference.)

The line from Fonthill enters at the top and exits at the bottom, towards Port Colborne. There’s a short run-around and a spur near Donald Avenue, then the line crosses the Welland River and enters the station area at Catherine Street and Maple Avenue. A couple of spurs behind the station serve as a team track.

Continuing south, the line includes spurs for the Allan Coal Company and British American Oil. Another spur heads east on Lincoln Road to serve Imperial Oil, then turns north to Commonwealth Electric.

To the west, a spur becomes a three-track yard that is an interchange point with the Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway. Meantime, the main track continues south and crosses the TH&B and Michigan Central at grade. Two spurs south of this serve the Crowland Coal Company and Welland Iron & Metal Co.

With industry and interchange, Welland is another community that would make for an ideal model railway subject.

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