Port Colborne: NST track map (1948)

A visit yesterday with my friend William Flatt produced a gold mine of information about the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway, including a set of official track maps of the Welland Subdivision (from Thorold to Port Colborne). The railway produced the original maps in 1920, and revised them in 1948. Here’s a look at Port Colborne – a combination of four of the map pages:

NST Track Map - Port Colborne
(I realize these maps are very small, but I’m adding them to this blog primarily for my own reference.)

The line from Welland enters at the top of the map. There’s a short siding, and then the main enters Cranberry Street in Humberstone (now part of Port Colborne). Between Omer and Courtland, a spur heads east, then turns north to serve Robin Hood Flour. This was a major customer on the line: in peak shipping season it could generate 70-100 freight cars per day.

As Cranberry Street enters Port Colborne, it turns into Elm Street. South of Killally Street, a short spur serves the ET White Artificial Ice Company. A wye to the west forms a small yard – with a track crossing east of the main and heading south along the canal. This trackage is all part of Canada Cement Company.

The NS&T proper ends at Park Street, where it turns east to and parallels the Grand Trunk Railway line to the station, adjacent to the canal.

The Grand Trunk has a spur that heads south to the Dominion Government Elevator on the shore of Lake Erie.

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  1. Great research! Did you take photos of the maps, or did you make copies? I also can’t believe the amount of traffic that must have been generated.
    Thanks for posting, Gord

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