NS&T 135 and 132 – Niagara Falls, 1943

I’m working my way through the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt – and I thought I’d share some of the images that speak strongly to me about the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway. Here’s one:

NST 135 & 132, Niagara Falls, 1943

NS&T 135 & 132, Niagara Falls, 1943 – photographer unknown.

In yesterday’s post, I promised another photo of these two 130-series cars. This is a lovely shot – possibly taken the same day – in Niagara Falls. I’m not sure of the exact location.

The 130-series cars consisted of passenger cars 130, 131 and 135, plus combines 132, 133, 134. All were built by Preston in 1914. They were 58 feet long, with 64 seats, and weighed 75,400 pounds. They rode on 6′-6″ Taylor trucks.

None of the cars survived: The 131, 132 and 135 were scrapped in 1949. 133 met its fate in 1942 while 134 lasted until 1950. The class car – 130 – was preserved in Sandy Pond, NY but allowed to decay.

2 thoughts on “NS&T 135 and 132 – Niagara Falls, 1943”

  1. Trevor,
    If you where to ever build this layout are these motor cars something you would have to scratch build, or could you kitbash something?

    That coupler in the front motor sure has a lot of swing!


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