NS&T 31 – northbound at Thorold

In addition to its eclectic collection of passenger equipment and freight motors, the NS&T also had some interesting work equipment. As I work my way through the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt, I’m enjoying these non-revenue generating but essential pieces. Here’s an example:

NS&T 31 - Thorold

NS&T 31 – Thorold (station). Photographer and date unknown.

The NS&T had two line cars – 30 and 31. Here’s 31 passing the Thorold station as it works northbound on a late autumn or early spring day.

Number 31 was built by Russell in 1911 for the Cleveland & Eastern. The NS&T acquired it in 1926 to replace an earlier car with the same number, which was scrapped. It was 42′-6″ long and weighed 63,300 pounds.

This image presents a nice overview of the the relationship between the various components that make up the NS&T’s presence in town. The Thorold station is out of view to the left of the photographer: Behind and to the left of the line car – just ahead of the automobile – one can see the switch for the station’s layover spur. At the far left, in the middle distance, a string of boxcars stands in the small yard, while above the front wheel of the automobile, the sloped roof is the NS&T’s Thorold freight house.

A small white shed in the distance is likely a section house, while the large dark building in the distance, just to the left of 31 – is the railway’s substation at Thorold.

The out-of-service second Welland Canal is to the right of the platform. I really like the ornate railing and lamps: While I’m sure the woman standing on the platform would rather see her passenger train than the 31, it appears to be a lovely day to wait for a ride on the NS&T. But it’ll likely turn cooler shortly: The afternoon shadows are quite long…

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