NS&T 130 – Thorold Yard

In a post I published yesterday, I mentioned the NS&T’s freight house and section house in Thorold. Here’s a better look at the latter, from the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt:

NST 13 - Thorold Yard

NS&T 130 – Thorold yard. Photographer and date unknown.

This photo was taken looking north: Car 130 is headed southbound through the yard south of the Thorold station. For those who want to know more about the 130-series, I’ve shared several photos of them previously on this blog. What I’ll add here is that I browsed through some of my NS&T books, noting dates of photographs, and the NS&T repainted this car into the cream-over-red scheme sometime between July 24/48 and August 24/52.

The section house – or speeder shed – is the white building at the left. Just behind Car 130, also to the left, is a small white building: that’s a railway track scale, used for weighing cars loaded by nearby customers. Given the number of industries in the Thorold area, it’s not surprising that a scale would be located here. Note the light on the pole to the left of the scale house, to help crew read the reporting marks on cars as they’re being weighed.

Between the speeder shed and scale house, a portion of the out-of-service second Welland Canal can be seen.

To the right of Car 130, in the foreground, there’s a second track for the freight yard and a spur. A reprint of the 1938 Employee Time Table suggests the spur serves “A Martin & Son”, a lumber, mill work and coal dealer. The white building in distance, where the track curves to the left, is the NS&T freight house in Thorold. It did not have a siding: packages were transferred from express cars or combines directly off the main track.

With its compact yard, collection of railway buildings, and proximity to a water feature, Thorold is very modelgenic – yet also practical to model. It’s high on my list of places to incorporate into any layout I build based on the NS&T…

4 thoughts on “NS&T 130 – Thorold Yard”

  1. Your showing us lots of neat scenes. It’s going to be interesting to read about the choices you make to design a layout about the NS&T. I think at this point, you have to assume “Yes Trevor can hang wire”.

    1. Never assume anything, David!
      There’s a difference between “hanging wire” and “hanging a wire-shaped object”. I’ve run trains on the HO scale layout under wire built by my friend Roger Chrysler, and he’s done a masterful job – so much so, that when switching freight cars it’s possible to back-pole. I would have to hang wire well enough to enable this: Having to switch the pole, end for end, each time a locomotive changes direction will move very quickly from fun, through frustrating, to boring.

  2. Very interesting photo. I always wondered about what the second Welland Canal looked like, going through Thorold. Perhaps you can publish a picture of that some day. Also, as I understood, the main line went through Thorold behind the businesses on the main street (the name escapes me). I understand that the line was elevated. Do you have any photos of this?

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