Thorold Map – labelled

I have posted some photos of Thorold to this blog already, and plan to post many more over the next few days – so I realized that sharing a map of the railway in this town would be a good idea. Here it is:

NS&T - Thorold Map - Labelled

This is the 1920 NS&T Property Plan for Thorold – which I have revised and labelled to the best of my knowledge. You should be able to right click on the map and open it in a separate window to view it in a larger format.

This map nicely shows the relationship between the NS&T and the Old (second) Welland Canal. It also shows the relationship between the “High Line”, the station, the freight shed, the yard, and Substation Junction. North is to the right.

The area is vastly different today. The “High Line” is gone. So is the station and all the trackage from the north end down to Lynden Street. The Trillium Railway operates the trackage across the south (left) edge of this map – but the track arrangement is very different. The Pine Street trackage was in place until recently (but the track arrangement at the paper plant was very different than what’s shown on this map).

The biggest change? The town of Thorold filled in the Old Welland Canal in the 1960s. Part of it around Lock 25 is a park and the walls of the lock have been preserved. The rest of it, and most of the abandoned right of way, has been built over.

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