NS&T 83 – approaching the Welland diamonds

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, NS&T 83 was a popular car for enthusiast days and charters. The photo below, from the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt, may have been taken the same day…

NS&T 83 - Welland (TH&B - MCRR Crossing)

NS&T 83 – Welland. Photographer and date unknown.

NS&T 83 has stopped at a telephone shack just north of the interurban’s level crossing with both the Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway and the Michigan Central Railway (the New York Central’s operation connecting Buffalo and Detroit across southern Ontario). The crossings are out of the frame to the left, and the motorman (or possibly, the conductor) is returning to the car after phoning for permission to cross the railways so 83 may continue its trip south to Port Colborne.

The photographer is standing on Prince Charles Drive, facing northwest. In the background, the large industrial complex is Vesuvius Canada, which makes clay graphite crucibles for melting steel. According to the corporate history, the company has been around since 1916, although I don’t know when it set up shop on this site. It is still in business today.

To the left of Vesuvius, a Wabash boxcar is parked in the interchange yard between the NS&T and the TH&B.

A lot of changes have taken place here, and there’s a whole mess o’ trackage, so here are some aids:

NS&T Property Plan - Welland

NS&T Property Plan 1920 (revised CNR 1948) – Welland, Ontario.

NS&T Welland - Google Earth - Labelled

Welland from the air (Google Earth) showing NS&T, TH&B, and MCRR.

The yellow dot is the approximate location of the NS&T roundhouse and turntable noted on the Property Plan. Also, while not relevant to the photo of 83, I’ve sketched in the spurs to Imperial Oil and Commonwealth Electric.

The TH&B’s own trackage ended at the MCRR connection. It used MCRR trackage to reach Niagara Falls, where it crossed into the United States then headed south to Buffalo. With three lines converging and an elevated view from Prince Charles Drive, there are several photos of NS&T cars actually crossing the TH&B and MCRR, but this is one of the few I’ve seen that provides such a good view of the phone box.

(Thanks to members of the NS&T Facebook group for help information related to this image.)

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  1. These are great photos, and in colour too! Thanks also for the relative detail of the area and buildings. Interesting stuff.
    Cheers, Gord

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