NST 132 + 134 – Welland Avenue car barns

I’m rarely certain when photographers took the images in the collection of Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto Railway photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt – but in this case, it was easy to place:

NS&T 132 and 134 - Welland Avenue Car Barns

NS&T 132 and 134 – St. Catharines, September 14, 1947. Photographer unknown.

A note on the back of the photo identifies this as “The day after Boat Train Service was cancelled”, which lets me peg down the date. Cars 132 and 134 were regulars on this service between Port Dalhousie East (Michigan Beach) and Niagara Falls. Here, their duties done, they’re slumbering in the Welland Avenue equipment yard. Note that 132’s roll sign says “Toronto Boat”. (The 134 was last headed to “CNR Depot”.)

The photographer is looking west at the open yard tracks. Welland Avenue is to the right, while the building visible between the cars is on Court Street.

Both of these cars were originally built by Preston in 1914, as combines. At some point, Car 132 was rebuilt for single-operator service and clad in steel, with its upper sash windows plated over. I don’t have a date for that retrofit, but the revised John M. Mills book on the NS&T includes a photo of Number 132 in steel taken December 1939 donut was prior to that.

Car 132 was scrapped in April 1949, while Car 134 met the scrapper in 1950.

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