A favour to ask…

If you share any of the photos I’m sharing, can you please include the URL to the original post?

That's a lot of photos

My NS&T photo collection. In addition to physical materials, there’s a wealth of information on electronic media. So do me a favour…

I’m really pleased by the response to my various posts, and I’m happy that some people are even sharing some of the photos – for example, on Facebook groups dedicated to the history of the various communities that the NS&T served. That’s wonderful!

But if you do share – please include the URL to the post in which I published the picture. Here’s why:

1 – I spend a lot of time – a couple of hours per post – researching the equipment and the location. I’m trying to provide context – this is history that I’m trying to preserve. If you share the photo but don’t share the link, those who see the picture on Facebook won’t know there’s more to the story.

2 – I’m doing this for free. I’m not playing “I have a secret”, as some people with photo collections do. I’m not trying to make money from the pictures. But I do want something in return: I have questions about the photos, the NS&T, its operations, and so on. What I get out of sharing these photos is not only an opportunity to organize the material in my own mind, but also the chance for others – who know more about the subject than I do – to contribute their knowledge. But they can’t do that if they don’t know about this blog.

This is not a give-and-take, where I give and others take. It’s a collaboration. I want information from those who have it, and putting the pictures online is one way I hope to obtain it. In the end, we all win.

Again – share the photos: that’s great! But if I continue to see photos shared without a link back to the post where they were first published – I’ll stop publishing them. And that would be a shame – because I have, literally, hundreds of photos…

2 thoughts on “A favour to ask…”

  1. I can see where the ‘problem’ arises as when you share within Facebook, then the link / URL shows up, but when copying from your Blog, a concious decision is required to manually enter the URL.
    However, I still feel it is only fair to give you the credit for all the hard work you are putting into what is a very interesting Blog.

    1. Yes, it would be easier for someone who’s sharing to simply take the link and post it to FB. But I think what happens is people scalp the photos of the blog for their own files, then repost them and forget where they came from. In any case, I’ll monitor this and if links aren’t consistently included, I’ll stop sharing. Cheers!

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