NS&T 80 and 130 – Scanlon’s?

Here’s a lovely shot of open-country running on the Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto Railway, taken from the collection of photographs, maps and other materials I’ve recently acquired from William Flatt:

NS&T 80 & 130 - Scanlon's?

NS&T 80 and NS&T 130. Photographer and date unknown.

My notes for this image say it was taken “possibly at Scanlon’s”. According to my copy of the 1945 Employee Time Table, this was a nine-car passing siding between Fonthill and Welland, at MP 8.59 on the Welland Division. It featured spring switches at both ends to facilitate meets – such as the one shown here.

Car 80 was likely working in scheduled service on this day, while Car 130 was obviously in railfan service – note the white “extra” flags and “Special” in the destination sign. It’s likely this photo was taken the same day as two other pictures I’ve recently shared of Car 130 – at Humberstone and on Elm Street in Port Colborne.

One thought on “NS&T 80 and 130 – Scanlon’s?”

  1. Hi ,Trevor. I think this may be another picture just south of the Dainsville stop. Car 130 is heading south and car #80 is about to reach Forks Road, and the Dainsville stop. In comparing this image to the image of car #623 from the NS&T Facebook group discussed earlier, I can see the multiple crossarm pole line running along Forks Road in both images, the pole on the right of way with the 2 short crossarms and the angled pole support pole/guy located on the north side of Forks. That other image was identified as 1958, but I don’t see the house to the right of the tracks where it should be in this image, so that would make this an earlier image. Perhaps it was taken on the same trip as this (identified as 1953)?: http://www.godfatherrails.com/photos/pbt.asp?trip=60

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