NS&T gallery (Old Time Trains)

Looking for more photos of the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway? The Old Time Trains website has an extensive gallery online.

It’s spread across five pages, but you can start with the first page (including links to all the others) by clicking on this terrific image of a pair of NS&T 130-series wooden interurbans in boat train service:

NST 130-series - Old Time Trains

Victoria Avenue at Roberts Street, Niagara Falls. Jim Shuman photo, July 7, 1946

Enjoy if you visit!

4 thoughts on “NS&T gallery (Old Time Trains)”

  1. I’m just glad everything would have to be scratch built, as there are some beautiful pictures there, and I would be very tempted by a traction layout otherwise!
    Thanks for sharing Trevor.

    1. Hi Brian:
      I agree! Although I think a lot of the equipment is pretty straightforward, which would make scratch-building easier. At least – I hope that’s the case.
      I have to say, I am really smitten by the photo I used in this post. Those bright wooden cars look so much like something that Bob Hegge would’ve run on the Crooked Mountain Lines, and the red is absolutely beautiful. This is really helping me to nail down my era, at least…

    1. My pleasure, Jim. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Here’s the home page for Old Time Trains. It’s not the easiest site to navigate, but it’s well worth exploring. There is a HUGE amount of information on the site.
      Enjoy – but don’t blame me if you don’t get anything else done for a few days… or a few weeks…

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