NS&T 18: It’s here somewhere…

NST 18 - prototype photo

A couple of years ago, while attending the annual S Scale Social organized by my friend Jim Martin, I purchased this collection from another friend, David Clubine:

Baldwin-Westinghouse Class D kit

It’s just about everything I need to build a model of Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto 18 in 1:64.

The three frets on the right are from Model Railroad Warehouse, and build into a basic body for a Baldwin-Westinghouse Class D freight motor. The parts on the left are from my friend William Flatt, and are most of what’s needed to finish the unit. (William has built one and it ends up being a very nice model.)

Now… if only I could find it.

I spent the morning tearing through my storage tubs under my layout, and so far I’ve turned up nothing. I’m pretty sure it was in a box, but it might have been in an envelope – in which case I’m going to have to do a complete re-sort of the Home Hobby Shop to figure out where it has gone.

It’s only 1:40pm as I type this, but TV is looking pretty good right about now…

4 thoughts on “NS&T 18: It’s here somewhere…”

  1. I hate the search for parts and projects, when you know you’ve put it somewhere safe and sound for when you need it.

    Good luck with the search!! It’s never too late to break out Excell/whatever the Apple Spreadsheet is and start a nice itemized list of every box in storage under the layout. I have one for the tubs in our storage locker at home!!


    1. Hi Stephen:
      Great suggestion. I fear what I really need to do, though, is take one box at a time, go through it, and throw it out. Then repeat.

  2. “I’ve just being tearing through my storage tubs under my layout, and so far I’ve turned up nothing. ”
    This happens to my all the time! It’s usually because I’ve set it aside because I think I’ll be needing it soon. Hah!
    BTW, are there plan drawings of the NS&T Freight motor available? I think it would also make a great HO scale locomotive.

    1. Hi Philip:
      Plans: Of motor #18? I haven’t seen any. But it’s a pretty standard BW Class D. If I recall, MRR Warehouse made a basic body for these in HO as well. Also, it might be possible to re-detail a Suydam PE freight motor…

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