NS&T 18: Hang on…

… I don’t own a NorthWest Short Line “Riveter”…

NST 18 - The Riveter

Two days of searching through storage containers under the layout turned up this box. I do have a rivet-making tool – but it’s by GW Models (a manufacturer in the UK). So what’s in the box?

NST 18 - hiding in the box

As I suspected, it’s the frets and other parts for NST 18. Phew!

I was keen to find this, because I’m building shopping lists for detail parts to finish each of the freight motor kits I have collected. If I’m going to be buying bells, horns, re-rail frogs, etc., I want to be able to do it in one order – not two or three.

I have now put my hands on all of the NS&T projects, so the inventory can begin.

When I opened the NSWL Riveter box, I exclaimed, “Found it! I can stop sorting and cleaning down here.” From upstairs, my wife promptly responded, “No you can’t!”

I laughed, but she’s right. The sorting and clearing will continue!

4 thoughts on “NS&T 18: Hang on…”

  1. I was talking about your under layout storage and the apparently broad range of models/scales and interests you have things for hiding under your layout and your NST interest with another modeller last night after our weekly soccer game. My comment was “I’m kinda curious to see what’s hiding under Trevor’s layout if he cleans and organizes”, the response was “I’m not so sure you are….”

    Good work finding the missing frets, and happy cleaning/organizing!!


    1. Hi Stephen:
      It’s an embarrassment of riches – with emphasis on the embarrassment.
      I bet there are a few things you would enjoy…

      1. Don’t tempt me. I’m busy trying to organize stuff to get a table at the LMRA Flea Market in April to sell stuff off that I don’t need for the planned layout and both create space in our storage locker and raise funds for said layout!!


  2. As a follow-up…
    I’ve taken a marker and written “NS&T 18” on the top of the box in large letters – something I should’ve done as soon as I bought it. Lesson (probably not) learned…

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