HEPC: Jordan Spreader #1

HEPC - Jordan Spreader 1

HEPC Jordan Spreader 1 – November 7, 1919. Photographer unknown.

While working my way through photographs of the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway from the Andrew Merrilees Collection at Library and Archives Canada in September, I found a number of images from the Queenston Power Canal Construction Railway – operated by Ontario’s Hydro-Electric Power Commission.

As noted in yesterday’s post, this railway was an interesting electric line that once operated in the Niagara Region – and which supplied a few freight motors to the Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto Railway.

To the best of my knowledge, the Jordan Spreader that is the subject of this post did not end up on the NS&T (although the freight motor behind it – HEPC 21 – did, as NS&T 18). But since I found a number of interesting photographs of the operation in the archives, I’ve decided I’ll add them to my website.

This photograph was part of a book that also included information about each piece of equipment. I believe this book was an evaluation of the equipment for insurance or possibly sale purposes. Here’s the full page that accompanied the above photograph:

HEPC Jordan Spreader 1 - full page

I have more photos of HEPC equipment with their valuations, and will share them in the coming days.

I’ve also created the “HEPC – Construction Railway” category to capture all of the posts related to this line. You can also find this in the “Categories” menu in the right hand column on the home page.

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