First Time Here?

If so, then welcome!

If you’re new to S scale…

Or interested in traction modelling (of the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto, or another railway)…

Or looking for ideas to make a relatively simple layout entertaining…

Then there’s a lot here that I hope you find interesting or useful.

While you’re free to poke about and explore my blog in your own way, I’d like to suggest you start with the following postings. They will give you some sense of what I’m doing:

Hoo-boy: It’s the NS&T!

Why the NS&T?

Why haven’t you modelled electrics before?

I’ll add to this list as I add my initial posts, to describe what I’m contemplating – and why.

If you want to know more about the NS&T, there are a number of excellent resources, including four books and a video.

If you’ve been here before, and want to start at the most recent entries, here’s the Home Page for the blog.

Enjoy your visit!

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